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Do all hearing losses require hearing aids?

After performing a thorough evaluation of your hearing, your hearing healthcare professional will be able to determine the nature of your hearing impairment. If the problem can be treated with medicine or surgical intervention, your provider will present those options to you. Otherwise, hearing aids, hearing losses due to such things as aging and noise exposure are generally treated with hearing aids.

Aren’t hearing aids just for old people?

Mejores audífonos, hearing aids are designed for people with hearing deficits and are not age specific. Sixty-five percent of individuals with hearing loss are under age 65.

If I am deaf in one ear, can I still get a hearing aids for that ear?

A medical professional should first determine whether the deficit can be treated with surgery or medication. If neither of those options is feasible, there are potential options for amplification including: Mejores audífonos, hearing aids

  1. CROS hearing aids a type of device where the sound is sent from the deaf ear to the good ear.
  2. BAHA: A bone anchored hearing device uses a sound processor which connects to a surgically implanted titanium screw behind the ear with hearing loss. The sound processor transfers the sound through the skull via bone conduction to the better hearing ear.

Both of these options can be demonstrated in the office to determine if the patient notices benefit from either device.


Will hearing aids cure my hearing loss?

Hearing aids can improve your ability to hear and communicate, but they do not cure hearing loss. They are sophisticated devices that assist in addressing hearing issues. Mejores audífonos, There may still be some situations that are challenging; however, even those with normal hearing struggle at times in certain difficult environments.

Will hearing aids help with the ringing in my ears?

Tinnitus, or unwanted sound in your ears, affects many people. The underlying cause of tinnitus is frequently hearing loss. Through the use of hearing aids, many people report a reduction in tinnitus due to constant sound stimulation. For those with more advanced cases, certain hearing aids are equipped with special listening programs to reduce the impact of the tinnitus in your ears. However, hearing aids are not designed to cure tinnitus. As a result, the purchase of hearing aids is fundamental to assist your hearing. Mejores audífonos, Tinnitus reduction is a bonus.

Will hearing aids help my cognitive abilities? Will it stop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

Research has shown that there is a connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Those with hearing loss are more likely to have problems remembering and thinking than those with normal hearing. Mejores audífonos , Why is this? Brain shrinkage, which occurs as part of aging, is sped up in those with hearing decline. There is an increased risk of dementia and mental health. Yet if you are predisposed to dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other issue, wearing a hearing aid will not stop it from occurring.

Are there different types and styles of hearing aids?

Absolutely! Technological advancements have allowed hearing aid manufactures to create many different types of hearing aids for many different needs. Most importantly, there are different types depending on your lifestyle, specifically how often you are in noisy or challenging environments. When you discuss the purchase of a hearing aid, the professional you work with will discuss your lifestyle needs, dexterity, budget, and things of the like to help narrow down the best option for you!


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