WordPress Website Design – The Underrated Guide (2021)

WordPress website platform is, by a long shot, the most well known open source Content Management System (CMS). And It is used by roughly 75 million websites.

Why WordPress Website Design?

On the off chance, if you have inquiries concerning WordPress website design you’re in the correct place.

However, first I needed to travel with you to the Medieval crossbow, how it was prohibited by the Pope and why that relates with picking WordPress for your next website design project.

In 1139 Pope Innocent II prohibited the utilization of the crossbow.

wordpress website

Up until that time armed forces required gifted bowmen, which were restricted and costly.

With that coming of the crossbow, a modest, untalented worker was currently similarly as exact and lethal as a talented longbowman.

Which is the reason the Pope chose it offered an unreasonable favorable position and restricted the innovation.

WordPress is much the same as the crossbow.

Some time ago (10 years back), it required a wide range of stages and devices to launch and update a website on the web. Also, this must be finished by gifted and costly specialists.

Today, you can launch another WordPress website with the press of a catch and no technical abilities required.

That, however there are many prescribed procedures as far as design, backend development, SEO, outsider combination and more that are totally done naturally and for Free by WordPress.

A significant part of the estimation of a WordPress website is undetectable to the vast majority.

This article desires to reveal some insight into the advantages just as limitations of utilizing a WordPress website, and furthermore answer any inquiries you may have with respect to utilizing WordPress for your next website project.

Post Contents

  • WordPress – What is it?
  • WordPress Website Design Services.
  • Gains and Losses of WordPress.
  • The Best WordPress Designing Agency.
  • WordPress Security.
  • WordPress SEO.
  • Best WordPress Plugins.
  • Time to build a WordPress Website.

What Is WordPress

WordPress Website

 Is WordPress a Web design software?

WordPress is an Open Source CMS that permits you to update and alter your website with a simple to utilize backend interface. At the point when websites were first imagined, each page existed as a different HTML page in a record envelope. On the off chance that you needed to update one connection in the navigation menu, for instance, you in a real sense needed to go into each and every page on the site and physically update the navigation interface. A CMS permits you to update the navigation connect once and for that opportunity to happen across the whole website.

What is a CMS?

CMS represents Content Management System. Also, similarly as the name would infer, it is a system for dealing with your content. Fundamentally, a CMS is a piece of programming that permits you to update and alter your website without knowing code.

Wordpress Website

What is Open Source?

I remember going to my first Word Camp. This is a developer conference where independent developers who help maintain the WordPress codebase go to share information. I was blown away by the fact that there are over 10,000 independent developers who actively maintain and update the WordPress code base free of charge, out of the goodness of their heart. That’s what Open Source means. It means it’s free for you to own and use as you please.

Can I use my own domain with WordPress?

Truly! You may be confounded in light of the fact that occasionally you’ll see a URL that says www.domainname.wordpress.com. What you are taking a look at in this case is a website running on the WordPress.com stage, which is unique in relation to WordPress.org. Clarified here. Indeed, even on WordPress.com you can have your own domain yet now and again individuals don’t which prompts the disarray. In any case, indeed, you can totally utilize your own domain with WordPress.

Is WordPress Website Free?

Indeed. Kind of… As referenced above, WordPress is an Open Source, which means it is allowed to utilize. All things considered, ALL websites should be facilitated on the web for them to be seen by individuals. There are two forms of WordPress, wordpress.org and wordpress.com. The wordpress.org adaptation is the free Open Source rendition. Essentially the thing they are giving you is a free piece of programming, which you need to download to your worker and afterward use for your website CMS. The wordpress.com variant is paid, and what you are paying for truly is the hosting of the website.

WordPress Website Design Services – What is WordPress in Web Design?

At the point when you recruit somebody to assemble a WordPress website, that could mean various things relying upon who you are employing. This could run anyplace from having an independent WordPress designer introduce a $30 premade layout for you and change the tones to coordinate your logo; to employing an enormous office for +$30k to design and build up a custom WordPress site; to everything in the middle.

There are a couple of key factors that will incredibly influence your undertaking extension as far as valuing, timing, quality, and so on…

The primary concern to comprehend is the contrast between a custom WordPress website and utilizing a premade format.

What’s the Difference Between a Custom Design and WordPress Template?

Thus, to clear things up, ALL WordPress websites use formats, even “custom” WordPress websites. Think about “layout” as “formula”. Every layout is a particular formula to make a specific website. So the main problem is “premade”.

I like to think about a “premade” format as IKEA furniture. There’s nothing amiss with IKEA furniture. They give pleasant looking furniture at a low cost.


IKEA’s furniture must be collected all alone, they all look marginally conventional and by the day’s end, the furniture isn’t excessively all around made.

Not to extend this representation to far, but rather suppose purchasing a $30 WordPress format resembles a school kid purchasing IKEA furniture and gathering it himself in his apartment.

At that point paying $30k for a custom WordPress website resembles employing a top of the line Interior Designer to do a full remodel of your home, bringing everything down to the studs and having all the machines, installations, furniture, and so forth all work together to make a staggering design.

By the day’s end, you’re “repairing your place” however the contrast between the two situations is tremendous. Both as far as valuing and results.

All in all, one of the principal thing you need to ask the WordPress web office you work with, is in the event that they made custom or premade subjects?

What’s the Difference Between a WordPress template and theme?

There is no distinction! Confusing huh? No doubt, the words are utilized pretty reciprocally. In this way, on the off chance that you hear discuss a WordPress layout or WordPress theme, they’re discussing something very similar. Here and there you’ll hear notice of a “youngster theme”. Sort of don’t stress over that. Essentially a youngster theme is a method of making sure about the code base of the fundamental theme, yet in any case shouldn’t actually meddle with your theme development.

WordPress Website Front-End Design

The front-end design of a website can incorporate many things. Like agreement who the clients are going to your website, making wireframes and mockups of the website, do coding the real HTML, CSS and Javascript on the webpage.

WordPress Website

WordPress Website Backend Development

There are two fundamental things to consider with regards to the backend. The mysterious cycle of showing distinctive content to various clients relying upon their inquiries is done through backend development. Explicitly with the PhP programming language with regards to WordPress.

Another irrelevant use of the term backend development has to do with real development of the WordPress dashboard and the backend interface of the multitude of pages on your site when you are altering them. Website development is a great deal like an icy mass, with its majority being underneath the outside of what you can see.

The bottom line is, the backend of the site is similarly as significant as the front-end. So before you approach recruiting a WordPress engineer inquire as to whether you can glance through the backend of one of the past locales they created. On the off chance that it’s difficult to utilize, at that point continue to look…

WordPress Limitations?

Does WordPress have limitations? Of course! Truth be told we did an entire Pros and Cons area beneath, so look down to get the entire thin. The point I need to make here is that the greater part of WordPress’ limitations don’t have a place with WordPress they have a place with the designer you’re working with. Toward the day’s end a website is a website. They all utilization a similar fundamental code of CSS, HTML, Javascript and PhP. Furthermore, WordPress is the same. WordPress utilizes precisely the same code stack as Facebook and a portion of the other top websites on the web. In the event that you have a sufficient designer, you can get a WordPress website to look and act basically like some other website you may see regardless of how abnormal or one of a kind.

WordPress Website

Are WordPress websites responsive?

It relies upon the theme you use. Nowadays practically ALL premade themes are responsive and adjust for the iPhone, iPad and other cell phones. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re getting a custom theme, at that point you definitely should expect that it be responsive. It’s really standard nowadays.

WordPress Website Gains and Losses – What are the Pros and Cons of Using a WordPress Website.

Pros of Using WordPress

WordPress Website Is Easy to Use

WordPress has simple ways to utilize backend interface, where you can undoubtedly update and alter your website without knowing code.

It is an Open Source

At the point when you have a WordPress website, you don’t need to pay anybody to utilize WordPress. It’s free to world to use as you like.

All Around Wide Adoption

More than 33% of websites on the web run on WordPress. Which implies it’s been very much checked by a huge number of clients.

WordPress Website Platform has Larger Developer Base

WordPress has a huge number of designers who effectively update the code base free of charge, out of the decency of their souls. There are additionally 1,000,000 WordPress designers out there, so in the event that you get a WordPress website yet wind up terminating your website organization, it’s not difficult to fire them and discover another person.

Established Legacy

In this always evolving world, it’s difficult to foresee what’s to come. WordPress has been around for more than 15 years, which implies there’s a decent possibility it’s not going anyplace any time soon.

WordPress Website

WordPress is Great for SEO

Perhaps the most overlooked parts of WordPress is the way acceptable it is with SEO. There are so numerous extraordinary SEO plugins that help you directly out of the crate that you are path in an ideal situation utilizing WordPress for SEO than some other CMS.

Huge Plugin Library

With such countless websites running on WordPress there is a colossal library of plugins accessible to assist you with performing capacity that you may require.

Works Well With 3rd Parties

WordPress plays well with most outsider platforms. There are numerous out of the container arrangements that make incorporating with locals like MailChimp, Salesforce or Hubspot a breeze.

WordPress Website Plugins

WordPress Website has Flexible Backend

There is a considerable amount of adaptability with a WordPress backend, permitting you to make simple to alter website pages that are custom-made explicitly to your necessities.

Cons of Using WordPress

The Cons of using WordPress is not as large as the Pros of using WordPress, Since WordPress is Easy to Use and highly productive.

WordPress Website is Vulnerable to Hacking

It’s actual, WordPress is vulnerable to hacking. The principle reason has to do with its universality. Since there are so numerous WordPress websites out there and in light of the fact that all WordPress websites of course have a similar record structure arrangement, they are the greatest and most effortless objective for programmers.

The other side is, on the off chance that you understand what you are doing, it’s quite simple to make sure about a WordPress website from the most well-known assaults and on the off chance that you utilize great hosting, it will never be an issue. We effectively Host and Maintain around 200 WordPress websites and over the most recent 3 years we’ve had possibly 2-3 hacking episodes. For each situation we had the option to reestablish the site inside a moment or so with no further issue. So don’t let the hacking thing alarm you to an extreme.

Be that as it may, DO get great hosting. I strongly suggest WP Engine for WordPress hosting. Trust me, you’ll rest soundly around evening time…

WordPress has some Generic Stuff

Returning to my past IKEA furniture similarity, a great deal WordPress websites look nonexclusive. Here’s the reason. I’m speculating above and beyond 90% of WordPress websites on the web are premade templates. Furthermore, premade templates by and large should be somewhat nonexclusive in light of the fact that they need to work with all various types of organizations. So it’s not the WordPress is nonexclusive looking, it’s that premade templates are conventional and most WordPress websites that you see are premade templates.

Limitations Of Templates

As I referenced previously, this is somewhat of a misinterpretation. The limitations truly like with the developer, not WordPress itself. In the event that you actually hear your WordPress developer state something like “WordPress can’t do that” make an interpretation of that into your head to “I (the developer) can’t do that”

WordPress Website is Not Always User Friendly

Recall when I recorded the simple to utilize backend as a “ace” above? Well it is. Some of the time. Truly it depends who’s building up the site for you. Honestly, when you get a premade them, you may be managing a bizantine hodgepodge of short codes to alter your site. So truly it depends.

WordPress Website

The Best WordPress Website Design Agency – How do I find a WordPress developer?

Overpowering. That is the thing that finding a WordPress website composition organization can be. There are simply so darn numerous organizations and alternatives to browse that it’s difficult to tell where to start and where to look.

At the danger of switching gears let me share with you a short story that will help you in choosing the correct organization to design your WordPress website.

I recollect in High School we had a Secret Servicswq21e specialist visit our class, which was overly cool. Furthermore, he was responsible for getting forgers who were knocking off US money.

He was a specialist as spotting fake money and could distinguish any bill as phony inside several seconds.

What struck me about his discussion was the point at which he referenced that he didn’t quite invest energy considering counterfeit cash to spot it.

All things being equal, he invested the entirety of his energy examining authentic money, with the end goal that at whatever point he saw counterfeit cash he would quickly spot how it wasn’t genuine.

So how does that identify with finding a WordPress organization for your venture?

What you need to do first is get perfectly clear about the specific website you need. Your spending plan, Your requirements, Your timetable. Furthermore, just when you’re sure about those components should you begin to search for an organization to help you. Since, at that point when you do, you’ll know precisely who is an ideal choice for your necessities.

Start with the end in mind

If you had a wizardry genie and could make a wish and immediately have your optimal website show up, what might it resemble?

Presently envision it was one of those genies from the film where it devilishly conceded your desire, yet in a particularly exacting way that it would consistently botch things some way or another and the no one but way could truly get your desire is to be as explicit and point by point as could reasonably be expected.

Here are a few inquiries you ought to get truly clear about as far as the site you are searching for:

How do you want your WordPress Website to look like?

What different websites do you like the look and feel of? Clue: Look outside of your own industry and rather model the best websites on the web.

Who do you want to impress?

Is this website produce new leads, or wow possible speculators, or bait future workers, or keep current clients longer? It unquestionably can be for more than one individual yet you need to get clear on who this new website is for.

What is the goal of this WordPress website project?

What does winning resemble? Do you need more traffic? Grants? Commendation? A decreased skip rate?

What do you want the WordPress Website to do?

Are there any exceptional capacities you need the website to perform? Any outsiders you need to incorporate with? Do you need a participation region? A shopping basket? Custom structures?

WordPress Website

WordPress Security – Is WordPress Secure Enough?

More than 33% of all websites on the web run on WordPress. WordPress regularly has basic record structure in the backend. As a result of these two elements, WordPress is frequently focused by programmers since they can build up a malevolent content taylored to WordPress’ document design and afterward have more than 1/3 of the web to follow.

That doesn’t mean WordPress is inalienably less secure than on CMSs (content management systems) it simply implies WordPress is a survivor ubiquity.

WordPress Website Security

WordPress really has undeniably a greater number of resources to keep it secure than most other CMSs. In the event that you set things up appropriately and above all utilization great WordPress hosting, you truly won’t need to stress at all over the security about your WordPress website.

Here is a whole article on WordPress security. My principle exhortation is to simply get generally excellent WordPress hosting and that will tackle 99% of the entirety of your security issues.

WordPress SEO – Is WordPress Good for SEO?

WordPress has gained Praises for being acceptable with SEO and it is merited. The fundamental out of the container arrangement of WordPress as of now focuses you the correct way. The manner in which the page URLs are arrangement alongside the capacity to label pages, gives you an extraordinary head start.

In any case, where WordPress truly sparkles is the enormous number of SEO plugins accessible that can be utilized to improve your website’s rankings on Google. The granddaddy of all is the Yoast SEO module, which is basically fundamental for your WordPress website. There is a paid form yet the free form gives you all that could possibly be needed to appropriately arrangement your website’s SEO.

WordPress Website SEO

Likewise there are plugins that help accelerate your site, improve portable optimization, suggest linking structure, save missing backlink juice and considerably more.

Here is another article on all the manners in which WordPress can help your SEO.

The primary concern to note is that it is a major factor to consider. Other website builder locales, for example, Wix and Squarespace don’t offer almost the capacities of WordPress in spite of what they state.

WordPress Plugins – What are the best plugins for your WordPress Website?

There are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins accessible with the number constantly Increasing. Here is an exceptionally short rundown of the plugins you will need to take a gander at for your next WordPress website design project.

WordPress Website Plugins

Yoast SEO – A Complete SEO Tool

The Yoast SEO module is essentially the best SEO device accessible on the web. The most amazing aspect is, it’s free. They do offer a paid adaptation, yet really the free form is so incredible, it’s practically all you require to help hugely with your rankings. Among the numerous wonderful things that it does, it has a tone coded backend interface with a progression of specks that turn either green, yellow or red dependent on how your SEO neighborly your content is. It even gives you proposals on how you can deal with improve the entirety of your content.

WordPress Website Plugins

Gravity Forms

Forms in general are one of the deadliest challenges when it comes to developing a website. That is on the grounds that they don’t generally get conveyed the manner in which they should. Likewise, it’s frequently difficult to have your structure incorporate with or converse with other outsiders. Gravity Forms takes care of these issues and more and offers a strong structure apparatus with simplified effortlessness. This is a paid module, yet absolutely justified, despite any trouble.

WordPress Website Plugins

Wordfence Security for your WordPress Website

The best WordPress security isn’t a module by any means, it’s getting premium hosting like WP Engine. So, Wordfence Security offers a ground-breaking answer for secure your WordPress establishment. As we referenced before, one reason WordPress is vulnerable to assault is a direct result of its record design and naming. Wordfence Security permits you to change the document design and naming to make it harder for Malware to taint your site. This alongside numerous different highlights offered makes it an extraordinary module for security.


W3 Total Cache

Since WordPress websites run on PhP they can run somewhat slow. The most ideal approach to cure this is utilizing a storing apparatus like W3 Total Cache. What storing does is fundamentally take a depiction of each page on your site and save it as HTML so it doesn’t need to call the data from the backend worker each time the site is called. W3 Total Cache is one of those plugins that is much more remarkable when appropriately arranged by somebody who truly understands what they’re doing. All things considered, their out of the crate setup is sufficient to enormously improve your generally speaking WordPress speed. This module is free.

WordPress Website Plugins

Redirection Plugin

The redirection module is a basic and incredible asset that lets you effectively arrangement diverts on your website. A divert is the point at which you direct one URL toward an alternate URL. For instance evolving www.yourdomain.com/old-url to www.yourdomain.com/new-url. Sidetracks are vital, particularly during a redesign in light of the fact that you need all the pages of your past website to guide to the relating pages of the new website. Google doesn’t care for crushed connections since it’s spirit for the client experience. Which is the reason you need to utilize an apparatus like redirection. This module is free.

WordPress Website Plugins

Woo Commerce – For Online Business

Woo Commerce is the most generally utilized shopping basket on the planet. The actual module is free and exceptionally incredible. Yet, where the genuine wizardry happens is the enormous commercial center of additional items accessible that permit you to play out any capacity your heart wants. Need to change charge on a for each region premise or have contingent table at transportation costs? Woo Commerce does basically anything you need it to manage with no coding information required.

WordPress Website Plugins

How Much Time Does it Take to Build a WordPress Website?

If you needed to, you could have another WordPress website up today. Hell, you could have one up in no time flat on the off chance that you understood what you were doing. It wouldn’t be an extraordinary website since it wouldn’t have any content or anything, however the genuine WordPress and theme establishment requires only a couple minutes in the event that you are utilizing a premade layout.

There are two principle bottlenecks with regards to timing on a WordPress project, the content and the theme development.

WordPress Theme Development

If you are utilizing a format or a semi-specially craft then the theme development won’t take excessively long. Anyplace from several hours to a couple of days.

A completely custom theme takes longer. A 10-15 page website will ordinarily take you around 5 a month and a half beginning to end. This incorporates the hand craft and well as coding the WordPress development.

So around there the semi-custom alternative is quicker.

Except for when it isn’t.

Claiming a WordPress development office, I’d state about 10% of our customers are organizations that endeavored to get a semi-custom WordPress site, saw the last work and concluded it wasn’t acceptable and searched out a more expert firm to help them. So their ‘quick’ website wound up taking considerably additional time then they foreseen.

Website Content

The greatest bottleneck with most website projects is getting the content from the customer. On the off chance that you are keen on having a rapid website project, you should center a ton of your consideration here on the grounds that this is the place where most defers come from.

A test with semi-custom WordPress websites is they by and large end up with a “content last” approach where your content is being shoehorned into a previous layout system, regardless of whether it is pertinent to your specific business.

Bottom Line

Long story short, a little semi-custom WordPress site should require around 2-3 weeks to create while a huge completely custom WordPress website may require 2-3 months to design and grow appropriately. Everything relies upon the extent of the task.

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